Supply Chain

The Supply Chain consist of Procurement, Brewing, Packaging, Quality Assurance, Safety, TPM/Training, Engineering and Logistic teams.

Safety is #1 in Cambodia Brewery Limited. The Safety team sets up and improves safety rules and regulations. The safety team ensures that all personnel, contractors and visitors comply with all brewery safety requirements at all times.

The Procurement Department works together with Heineken Global Procurement on sourcing of high quality raw and packaging materials. The procurement team furthermore purchases locally and internationally all other materials and services needed in Cambodia Brewery Limited. This includes all Marketing and Sales requirements.

The Brewing Department manages our highly automated brewing systems to brew all our local and international beers to the high Heineken quality standards.

The Packaging Department manages a diverse range of systems to package our beers in Cans, Bottles and Kegs with several different options per pack type.

The quality of our raw materials, packaging materials, other materials, beers, finished products and all processes in all departments are continuously monitored and improved by the Quality Assurance Department. The Quality Assurance department assures certification of the ISO Quality, Food Safety, Safety and Environmental systems.

The TPM/Training team ensures all Supply Chain Personnel is trained and motivated to perform at the different required functions and levels in all departments.

All equipment and buildings in CBL are maintained by mechanics, electricians and programmers of the Engineering Department, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

The Logistic Department takes care of all planning, warehousing and transportation tasks to ensure the continuity and reliability of supply to meet demand requirements.


As part of HEINEKEN Company, HEINEKEN Cambodia’s Finance professionals are highly competent and results-orientated, laser-focused on financial stability and ever aware of the fiscal risks facing our business. They help us strike a successful balance between investment for growth and prudent cost control and cash management.

As a member of HEINEKEN Company Finance team, our work is about much more than graphs, charts and balance sheets. It is about ensuring the financial well-being of a globally respected and hugely profitable business. To do this job successfully we need a real sense of commercial awareness as well as a good head for figures.

Human Resources

As part of a high-performing, learning-focused organization, our HR teams support and shape the development and management of HEINEKEN Cambodia people.

As a part of HEINEKEN Company HR team, we develop and deliver exciting initiatives to attract and retain talented individuals. HR roles include performance and talent management, learning and development, health affairs, global mobility, compensation and benefits and organizational development. We work closely with other departments and communicate daily with our colleagues around the globe to improve HR efficiency and effectiveness.

Making sure we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time is a huge challenge. At the same time it gives us the chance to develop new capabilities, as the business faces an ever changing marketplace.


Our Sales teams are passionate about helping grow our customers’ (outlets) businesses and in turn grow our own business. They work with our customers to develop customer launch communication and merchandising strategy, implement customer promotions and instore events and they measure instore compliance and performance.

Our Channel Sales teams help modernize and innovate entire trade channels to generate category growth.


Our Marketing teams develop and manage some of the most exciting, cool and innovative consumer marketing programs. They are involved in new product development, innovation and consumer insights, advertising and pack design, promotions and events, public relations and social media.

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs core purpose is to build, promote and leverage the company reputation in order to create positive conditions for growth, which is done via the integration of four distinct disciplines:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Public and Government Affairs
  • Sustainable Development