Because we believe people are the lifeblood of our business, the development, the welfare, well-being and safety of our employees is of great importance to us.

Our people-first culture is built on strategic areas of focus that help shape and develop our most valuable asset.


To help our employees reach their full potential, we invest in trainings and programs that will develop and enhance their capabilities.

  • A robust 90-day onboarding program for all new employees to the company.
  • Diverse selection of both in-house and overseas training programmes throughout the year.
  • Rotations within and across functions as well as other secondment opportunities internally and abroad.
  • Study support (subsidies and full coverage).
  • Exposure to international best practises via the Heineken Company.
  • Clear career succession planning.
  • Personal development plan.
  • Focus on development of core staff competencies while valuing both expertise and generalist experiences.
  • Talent development programme.
  • Focus on internal promotions and equal opportunities (merits-based, not favoritism-based).
  • Substantial investment in technological solutions to reduce workload, paperwork and human errors.
  • We are currently aggressively building a strategic workforce for 2020 and beyond. Join us now!


We provide competitive remuneration, rewards and benefits to our people in recognition of their commitment to the company’s vision and success.

  • Competitive remuneration & benefits packages.
    Benefits Enhancement Strategy
    This strategy focuses on creating new signature benefits unique to HEINEKEN Cambodia while enhancing competitive benefits to stay ahead of the industry.

    • Signature Benefits
      • 90 days maternity leave
      • Paternity leave
      • Baby gift
      • Compassionate benefits
      • Pre-employment medical check-up
      • Free vaccination against 30 illnesses
      • Health insurance
      • Personal accident insurance
      • NSSF
      • Annual health screening coverage for all employees (upon request for consultation with our company doctor)
      • Fully covered first-aid medical attention
      • Medical support program
      • Car allowance for staff based on work & business needs
      • Group transportation for staff working at the brewery
    • Competitive Benefits
      • Pension scheme
      • 13th month salary
      • Competitive variable bonus
      • Monthly beer allowance
      • Khmer New Year additional beer allowance


We recognise that people benefit from a dynamic working environment and a healthy work-life balance.

  • 100% focus on safety first and safety at all times (Together for Zero Accident)
  • Promotion of responsible alcohol consumption (Cool@Work and Get Your Sexy Back)
  • Meal subsidies (free lunch) at the cafeteria for staff working at the brewery
  • Mandatory full health checks for new recruits
  • Clear roles and responsibilities and well-reviewed workload to ensure work-life balance
  • Special Friday work day (8:00 AM - 4:15 PM staff at the brewery; 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM staff at the Commercial Office)
  • Special Friday celebration at the tavern (free food and drinks for employees at the brewery starting 4:15 PM)
  • Annual staff party
  • Staff Family Day
  • Target achievement celebration
  • CBL Tiger Football League for employees
  • Sales awards
  • Behavior-based Safety coupons/awards


We invest in cultivating a great working environment that looks after our people’s welfare, health and well-being.

  • Management’s doors are always open and you’re welcomed
  • On-site canteen
  • The Tavern, a special designed social and entertainment hub
  • In-house clinic
  • In-house sports facilities
  • We strongly value and encourage innovation and creativity
  • We give you full support to enable you feel part of the family
  • We are focused on making our company a great place to work. We want you to be a part of this.


We encourage open, honest, two-way dialogue. This develops a culture that is built on trust and transparency.

  • Dedicated orientation programme.
  • Annual employee satisfaction survey and follow-up action plans.
  • Open door policy.
  • Informal dialogues with Management Team.
  • Quarterly townhall meetings.


We encourage productivity and creativity as they are the key ingredients that drive great performance.

  • Leading player in the local beer market.
  • Potential to become number 1 in the Cambodian market.
  • Sustainable growth in profit.
  • Iconic portfolio of brands (Heineken, Tiger, ABC Stout, Anchor, Gold Crown and Gold Crown Stout) that deliver unparalleled consumer experiences.
  • Industry recognition and awards for our brands, operations and corporate responsibility.
  • The first beer company in Cambodia to discontinue using beer promoters as part of our corporate responsibility.
  • We are building a legacy. Do you dare to be a part of the future?